School Principles

School Governance

The school is governed by a Governing Body, made up of parents of the pupils, members of the teaching staff, Elders of Barnsley Christian Fellowship, church members of various denominations and other co-opted members as necessary. The School Management Team is responsible for the day to day running of the school, and is made up of the Headteacher and co-opted members of staff.

Pastoral Care & School Discipline

The School seeks to promote positive behaviour at all times and a commendation and reward system is in place. The school discipline policy is relative to the age of the child and follows present Government guidelines.

Child Protection and Anti-Bullying Policies are in place and teaching staff are continually observant of the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of each pupil. If problems are encountered they are handled in a caring and professional manner in partnership with parents.

Parental Assistance In School

Parents are encouraged to take a full part in the life of the school. Many parents give freely of their time and efforts to assist in the school, and this is continually encouraged. Without a great deal of goodwill and parental help the school could not continue to run unless fees were significantly increased.

This parental involvement is regarded as a partnership between parents and teachers in the education of their children.

Examples of involvement are:

  • Meeting with staff to monitor their child's progress.
  • Contributing their own skills, experience and resources wherever appropriate.
  • Assisting cleaning, maintenance and decoration of the premises.

The parents' association known as the Friends of Barnsley Christian School exists to support the school, and parents are encouraged to become involved in as many activities as can.

The aims of the FBCS are:

  • To support the aims of the school and to bring together parents, staff, family and friends by providing social events where all groups are able to relax together.
  • To raise funds for equipment which the school could not otherwise afford.
  • To encourage the bringing together of the talents of pupils, parents, staff and friends for our mutual encouragement.

Activities are frequently organised and are as varied as the Auction, Strawberry Tea, Sponsored Walks, Pie & Pea Beetle Drive, Karaoke and as many other activities as the imagination and ingenuity of the parents and children can handle.