School Fees

Fees for the School are as follows:

Early Years Unit

Morning session 8 per session
Afternoon session 8 per session
All day session including lunchtime
supervision at 3.00

Key Stages 1 and 2

Reception to Year 6 265 per month

Key Stage 3

Years 7,8 & 9 290 per month

Key Stage 4

Years 10 and 11 310 per month

How we calculate fees

Nursery and Pre-School fees are invoiced on a monthly basis at the start of the month for pre-booked sessions and payment is due regardless of the child's attendance.

For Primary and Senior Department fees it should be understood that the fees are calculated on the basis of the calendar year, 52 weeks, and not just the academic year, 37 weeks, which means payment will be due during the summer holiday period. Financial penalties will be applied for regular non-payment of fees. The fees are reviewed annually to coincide with the start of the School year.


For Primary and Senior school, a reduced rate of 10 per month is offered for any siblings in the school.


A bond of two months' fees is required prior to entrance, from Reception onwards. This will be reimbursed when a pupil either completes their education or is withdrawn from the school, dependant on any outstanding fees. Fees are paid by standing order at monthly intervals. Payment is spread over twelve months.

Late entry

Pupils joining the school from Year 5 onwards will be charged a late-entry fee (an extra 20 per month) for their first year at the school. This additional late entry fee covers the extra administration and teacher input required to fully integrate a pupil transferring from another school.

Withdrawals and Suspensions

Should any child be withdrawn from the Primary or Senior school, it is required that notice of 6 weeks is given prior to withdrawal. In cases where insufficient notice or sudden withdrawal occurs the two month fee bond, paid at the start of school, will be not be reimbursed.

It should be understood that the school reserves the right to suspend pupils should non-payment of agreed fees or reduction of parental involvement occur. This may ultimately result in expulsion of the child from school. If circumstances change where by payment of fees and parental involvement may be in jeopardy, it is expected that the school will be informed of this at an early stage to discuss and determine a suitable solution to the situation.